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Standard Treatment of Lymphedema--Night Time Garments


Night Time Garments

Coming Soon. . .a work in progress

Please note, while wearing night garments, you may get what we call a "road map" effect on your arm or breast.  The lymph fluid takes the path of least resistance and moves into the seams between the foam channels.  They usually "disappear" in about half an our or so after removing the night garment.

Here are some examples:

Photos courtesy of LindaLou.

Jovi-Pak night garment.






"Road Mapping" of arm after removing Jovi-Pak night garment.






"Road Mapping" of arm in inside of elbow after removing Jovi-Pak night garment.







The Reid Sleeve








The Opera with Power Sleeve







Jovi Pak Fingers to Axilla. Full length gauntlet with lateral rise (over the deltoid), and

Jovi Pak with Power Sleeve

Jovi Pak garments are available off the shelf or custom made.




 Solaris Tribute Arm

Custom designing garments for each patient is at the core of the daily routine at Solaris.







Solaris Tribute Outer Jackets

Outer Jackets are available for all Tribute garments. For most, an Outer Jacket is an easy alternative to nightly bandaging.











Solaris Tribute Torso Solutions

Custom designing garments for each patient is at the core of the daily routine at Solaris.



Telesto Medtech

All Telesto Medtech garments are custom made to insure a proper fit.










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